Killawattz has been DJ-ing and producing ever since he ruined his family turntable at the age of 12 and has gone on to play at a wide range of venues over the years, as well as releasing some Disco-House as one half of Stanfrancisco some years back.    

Tilley got caught up in the whole clubbing and DJ-ing scene in the early 90s which ultimately led to a need to create the sounds and ideas filling his head. After much tweaking and fiddling he expanded his skills to encompass lyric writing and vocals.    

Tilley & Killawattz continue to hone and refine their futuristic hybrid dance sound, working with a wide variety of singers they have assembled over the past few years.

In recent times they have gone from strength to strength tightening their production skills including encompassing a wide range of musical styles. In addition to this they have also successfully played a number of underground venues and festivals.

They are now working on expanding their global fanbase taking their unique sound to the next level.


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