So Surreal (Original Mix)

Sleazy, sexy EDM track with that 4am feel

Production / Script / Directing / Performance / Videoedit:
Sybil Bauer

Sebastian Kreinecker

Executive Producer:
Olga Flaum

To clarify, no bunnies were harmed during the filming of this music video.

Rise (Original Mix)

Instrumental hard-edged house track that crackles with energy as it builds...

Director: Kross Drayllih

Producer: Hayleigh McGreene

Tyler Doble and R. Justin Hervel

Lighting: Andy Martin

Production Design: Alizé Speed

Visual effects: Hakeem Ladejobi

Zak Wundowa, Othmane Abbada and Dauda Ladejobi

Video editing: Stefan Milton


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